HMH Bearing Witness - November 2016

Sue and Lester Smith Roberta and David Smith Susan and Henri Soussan* Spain, Price, Reader & Thompson PC Helen and Andrew Spector* Joel Spira* Alana Spiwak and Sam Stolbun Mary Martha and Joel Staff

Lloyd M. Parkans Ada and Edmund Perwien* Jan and Thomas Phipps Dikla and Daniel Pickelner* Beverly and Robert Pickelner* Pierce Goodwin Alexander & Linvale

Lara and Phillip Ladin Jean and Ronald Ladin Neda Ladjevardian Genie and Toby Landon* Kelley R. Lang Elaine and David Lavine Susan and Jack Lee Legacy Advisors, LLC Legacy Community Health Diane and Ronald Lepow Sandra and Van Lessig* Mimi and Herbert Levine Joyce and Robert Levine* Erica and Benjamin Levit Susan Levkovitz Joanne and Bruce Levy LewAllen Galleries Lillian Kaiser Lewis Foundation Rochelle and Jeffry Lewis

Mary Christ and Philip Yosowitz* Classic Wooden Boats Anne and John Clutterbuck* Debra and Steven Cohen* ConocoPhillips Roberto Constantiner Creative Blinds The Crossover Project Molly and James Crownover Marci and Stewart Dallas* Joy and David David Isabel and Danny David Davis Holdings, LP Alexander Dell* Barbara and Howard Derman Jill and Bradley Deutser Sue and Jerry Deutser Rosemarie and David Devido Michael F. Dooley* Risha and Patrick Dozark Leo Dreyfuss Krista and Michael Dumas* Victoria and Howard Dyer-Smith Beth and Jeffrey Early* Marc Eichenbaum and Amanda Zimmerman* Linda and Michael Eisemann* Elite Orthopedic & Spine Foundation Bernice R. Feld* Theba and Buster Feldman

Maxine and Steven Goodman Nancy and James Gordon Sharon and Ronald Grabois* Melanie Gray and Mark Wawro Gary S. Grossman* Mimi and Ziggy Gruber* Elizabeth and David Grzebinski Jack Gun Zahava Haenosh Susan and C. Robert Hale*

Joy and Scott Plantowsky Esther and Gary Polland* Gloria and Joe Pryzant

Lois and George Stark* StarTex Title Co., LLC Robin and Bradley Stein Sterling McCall Lexus

Karen S. Pulaski Pye Legal Group Tova Rabunski Lea Radziner Randalls Food Markets Patricia and Mark Rauch* Eileen Reed* Amira and Alexander Reiter Barry R. Riff* Leslie and M. Russ Robinson* Laura and Ben Rose Sandra and Walter Rosen Bernyd and Richard Rosenberg* Carolyn and Harry Rosenthal Ruth and Paul Ross Rotary Club of Houston

Paul D. Hamer* Walter Hansen Dr. David M. Hassid Joyce and Eric Haufrect Mary Ann G. Hearon*

Shirley Toomim and Cyvia Wolff

Rene and Lawrence Stern* Yvonne and Jeffrey Stern Stewart Title Company Karen and Jack Stopnicki* Marcia M. Sterling and Daniel Strba* Linda Suib* SWE Homes, LP Management June and Pete Trammell* Phoebe and Robert Tudor Saundra R. Turk* Randi and Don Udelson UTHealth Birgitt Van Wijk* Veritas Title Partners Chaja Verveer and James Getola* Wanda and Ronald Wachsman Marsha Wallace Mary Lee and Richard Webeck* The Diana and Conrad Weil Jr. Family Foundation Ede Ruth and Bruce Weiner* Sandra G. Weiner* Leslie and Sanford Weiner* Judith and Michael Weingart* The Weingarten Schnitzer Foundation, Inc. Barbara and Stanley Weinstein* Sharon and Alan Weiss Totz Ellison & Totz P.C. Eleanor and Jon Totz* Mimi and Leon Toubin*

Celine and David Hecht* Renee and Alan Helfman Henderson Middle School Michelle and Brian Hendry Barbara and Ernest Henley Gloria L. Herman* Halina Herman Michelle and Marvin Hershenson Dorene and Frank Herzog* Kelly and Clive Hess Carol and John Hess* Arlene and Marshall Hoffman* Leisa Holland-Nelson* Houston Baptist University Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Houston Pecan Company, Inc. Hummingbird Nest Ranch Sandra and Richard Jackson* Cathy and Joseph Jankovic* Janice and Robert Jucker* Junior League of Houston, Inc. Madeleine and Ken Kades* Amy and David Kapiloff* Kaplan Management Jerome C. Kaplan Joan and Marvin Kaplan* Molly Ann Kaplan* Linda and Kenneth Kase Mrs. Walter Kase* Gloria and Bernard Katz Sharon and M. Marvin Katz Ann and Stephen Kaufman* Kayser Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Fred Kessler* Rollins M. & Amalie L. Koppel Foundation Lisa and Matthew Kornhauser Sharone Kornman Ronald D. Krist* Willy F. Kuehn Mardi and Mark Kunik* Ivan Koop Kuper Il Palazzo CAI J. W. Irvin, Jr.* Simone and John Irwin*

Sabria and Kevin Lewis Frann G. Lichtenstein

Sheila and Norman Loewenstern* Cynthia and Richard Loewenstern* Dietra and John Loughran Nicole and Glenn Lowenstein* Helaine and Sanford Lubetkin Cora Sue and Harry Mach* Margaret and Foster Madeley Marcelene and Terrence Malloy* Scott Sawyer and Barry Mandel Sultana and Moez Mangalji* Judy and Kenneth Margolis Judy E. and Rodney Margolis Penelope and Lester Marks* Michele and Michael Marvins* Jill and Clarence Mayer Marcel and Muriel Meicler* Matilda B. Melnick* Memorial Hermann Foundation Sherry and Gerald Merfish Peggy and Lewis Metzger The Meyer Levy Charitable Foundation

Cecile Rountree Rivka Roussos*

Fred and Velva Levine, Bailey Dalton and Greg Binion

Linda and Jerry Rubenstein* Cheryl and Michael Rubenstein Beverly and Ellis Rudy* Sandra Ruza Yaffa Samelson* Genie and Toby Samo* Marci Rosenberg and H. Benjamin Samuels* The Samuels Foundation Robert and Tracey Samuels-McNamara* Sandra & Stephen Breslauer Family Philanthropic Fund Schechner Lifson Corporation Sonnie Schepps Robinson Foundation Renee Schiller Kimberly and Jason Schlanger Beth and Lee Schlanger* Cathy Schleussner Helen Schrager-Lesartre and Kenneth Lesartre Priscilla Schube Annette Sterman Schwartz* Harold Seifer Sentinel Trust Company

Miriam Ferber Linda G. Ferszt Marlene and Alan Finger* Jerry & Nanette Finger Family Foundation Elaine and Marvy Finger Nanette Finger Araceli and Rigo Flores Ricki and Milton Frankfort Nancy and Richard Freed Rhonda and Seth Freedman Sam W. Freedman Fredda and Gary Friedlander* Barbara and Paul Frison* Sally and Bernard Fuchs* Arlene Zacks Gaitz Barbara and Michael Gamson Andrew T. Gardener, CPA* Sam and Barnett Gershen* Arlyne and Maynard Gimble* Lori and Barry Glickman* Judith Gold Toby and Irving Gold* Anne and Richard Goldfarb* Elysa Goldman Goldman, Sachs & Co.

Heidi and David Gerger

Jeannie and Gary Wermuth Meghan and Ben Westcott Sylvia and Jerry Wilkenfeld* Mary and Willoughby Williams* Evelyn Wisenberg* Marcia and Irving Wishnow* Jamie and Bert Wolf* Laurie and Michael Wood Avikam Wygodski Kay and Fred Zeidman Zinn Petroleum Company

Lauren and Jordan Mintz Mission Constructors, Inc. Ann and John Montgomery John S. Moody Shirley and William Morgan* Mutual of Omaha Bank Arlene and Marvin Nathan Carol and David Neider Carol and David Neuberger* Lea and Randolph Ney* Laura and Roy Nichol* Pepi and Edward Nichols* Nolan Ryan Junior High School Origin Bank Samuel Orshan Rochelle and Sheldon Oster* Linda and Stephen Paine*

Stephani and Andy Serotta Linda and Michael Shabot* Tami and Gregg Sheena Laura and Bruce Shelby Shell Oil Company Foundation Sherry and Bradley Sinor* Rochelle Skibell Jim R. Smith

Edith and Robert Zinn Erla and Harry Zuber Kelly and Luis Zúñiga*

Steve and Denise Estrin

Harold S. Goldstein and Loretta Friedman Helen H. Wils and Leonard A. Goldstein* Gayle Goodman and Dr. Kenneth Adam*




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